Jessie Ware

Jessie Ware


South London born Jessie Ware brings her modern twist on pop to RockNess following an outstanding 2 years for the singer. Jessie started singing at school, inspired by the romance of her mother’s Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald Sings Cole Porter tapes, appearing in musicals and picking up some classical training along the way. But then she got to university and suffered a devastating crisis of confidence. “I didn’t think it was ever going to be possible,” she admits, having put her dreams of being a singer on hold. “It always broke my heart a bit. I couldn’t even do it as a past-time, because it made me feel too sick to only half do it.”

An intimate gig at the Nave church in Islington in March 2012 marked the moment it all came together. Looking every inch the classy pop star, Jessie unveiled her new sound, with the help of her own live band. “It felt really special. I felt like people were there for me, not just as a backing singer or doing a PA for one song in a club then buggering off.”

With well known artists in the electronic world using her vocals on top of their tracks with more and more praise towards her, she has catapulted herself to be one of the most talked about and fresh artists of the 2012.